Rooibos & Moringa Tea 50g


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Key active ingredients:

  • Rooibos
  • Moringa

Drink Rooibos and Moringa Tea in the morning for a boost of energy.

For those with a sweet tooth, add a teaspoon of xylitol.

Suitable for children from two years of age.

Not recommended for children under the age of two years.


Have you heard of moringa, a plant native to India that has been dubbed a “miracle tree” because of its potential medicinal properties? Annique’s new Rooibos and Moringa Tea is the ideal beverage for anyone who wants a healthy start to the day.

Why You Should Drink Moringa:

Balances BLOOD SUGAR Levels
Moringa contains a type of acid called chlorogenic acid, which has been shown to help control blood sugar levels and
allow cells to take up or release glucose as needed. This gives moringa natural antidiabetic and hormone-balancing properties. Aside from chlorogenic acid, compounds present in moringa have a natural protection against diabetes.

Moringa leaves are an excellent source of calcium as well as rich in potassium, iron, zinc and vitamin C and B-complex.

The Flavonoids, phenolic acids and isothiocyanates that you can get from moringa tea are found to be helpful in alleviating inflammation, which can be a precursor to chronic diseases.

Like Rooibos, moringa is also very high in antioxidants. Antioxidants fight free radicals, molecules that cause oxidative stress, cell damage, and inflammation.

Drink Moringa Tea If You Have:

  • Arthritis or gout
  • Diabetes
  • Heart conditions
  • A weak immune system


  • Alleviates symptoms of arthritis or gout.
  • Assists people with diabetes.
  • Assists people with heart conditions.
  • Assists people with a weak immune system.
  • Combination of nutrients gives energy-boosting benefits.
  • Fights bacteria.


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