Microfibre Dish Towel


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How to Use:

  • Ex: Dish drying towel – Interior mitt
  • Waffle weave has a “pocket type” texture: good for washing & drying windows – will hold lots of liquid, it is good for smooth surfaces and stainless steel, and has greater “scrubbing” qualities. It also makes a perfect “utility” towel.
  • Using microfibre towels is pretty simple. Whether it is used wet or dry, always fold it in 4 to let a larger surface in contact with objects. If used dry, electro-static strength will be increased.
  • Make sure the microfibre stays free of dirt particles as dirt particles might mark sensitive surfaces.
  • Always make sure that the microfibre is rinsed well before, during and after the usage in order to get the dirt out.

    How to Clean:

  • For cleaning, you simply wet, wring and wipe.
  • Your towel does not need a lot of water to be efficient, so if well wrung it will allow a quick drying at the same time.
  • ash the microfibre in the washing machine regularly.
  • Due to their specific better cleaning capacities compared to other towels, we recommend not to use them on a glass window on which you have sprayed an anti-layer.


You can wash your dishes and wipe your counter tops.


  • Clean, streak free, lint free windows, mirrors and glass items – without window cleaners or paper towels
  • Less effort needed to complete job and less time to clean – just wipe and walk
  • More money – save money by purchasing fewer chemical cleaners and paper towels and by saving on energy costs when laundering
  • Safer home – fewer chemical cleaners present in the home, especially if you have small children
  • Healthier home – fewer or no chemical residues in your home, especially for those afflicted with chemical allergies, Asthma, or chronic Lung problems.
  • Less Garbage – No wet paper towels or chemical cleaner bottles to throw away
  • Quick clean-up for all types of spills
  • Wherever and whatever you use it for a streak free and lint free result is guaranteed.

Because there is no industry standard on what you can consider microfibre, many textile products are called microfibre because they resemble some of the attributes a microfibre towel would have.
In many cases there is no regard to quality and functionality at all. This is why on the market various qualities are called microfibres and it is not always easy to choose the right one.
You will recognize the Tupperware Microfibre towel not only because of its high quality but also thanks to a specific icon embroidered on each one and which indicates in which usage your cloth is the best in.
Each towel has been chosen with a specific weave which is the most appropriate to its main function, even if it can be used in many other situations. This is a plus with these towels because you are not limited to one purpose.

Base Colour Crushed Raspberry


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