Extra Chef with Pull Cord 1,35L


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Tips and Care:

  • The Extra Chef is not recommended for use with abrasive ingredients/preparations (dried biscuits, corn flakes,…). This will damage the inside surface with fine scratches: the outlook of the product on the bottom and sidewalls becomes hazy. It is also recommended to add salt only at the end of the recipe after blending or chopping.
  • The Extra Chef blades should not be used for crushing and chopping very hard items such as ice, frozen food, parmesan… as this will damage the product and could cause injury.
  • Always start off with pulling in fast movements so that the mechanism does not get blocked.
  • Do not over pull the cord to the very end as this is not necessary to obtain a fine result.
  • Make sure to place the handle back in the pull cord cover correctly. If the handle is turned upside down, do not force it into the cover: turn it back 180° and it will place itself smoothly in the cover.
  • Before putting the cover on the container, always make sure the rim of the container is perfectly clean to prevent food from gluing together the container and the cover.
  • The mechanism in the top cover should not be screwed or unscrewed as this will damage it. The pull cord top cover is available as spare part.
  • Do not overflow with oil and always take care to wait a few seconds before removing and putting the cover upside down so that oil doesn’t get into the cover.
  • Do not use metallic utensils, which can damage the material of the container. Do not use the Silicone Spatulas on the blades as this will damage the Spatulas. To scrape the food off the blades, use the back side of a knife.
  • Staining may occur but this will not affect the performance of the Extra Chef.
  • Use a low temperature programme on your dishwasher to save energy and protect the environment (see Safety and Caution for parts that are dishwasher safe).
  • For best results: Clean and dry your product before first use.

    How to clean:


  • In order not to harm yourself, wash the blades separately by hand under running water (immediately after use).
  • To clean thoroughly, separate the pull cord cover in two. It is not recommended to put the top cover in the dishwasher in order not to damage the cord mechanism. It needs to be cleaned by hand with a wet cloth.
  • Hand-wash the anti-skid rim as it is not dishwasher safe.
  • The bottom cover, the container, the connector and the whisks can be placed in the dishwasher.
  • To clean the cord completely, pull it completely out of the top cover and place it under running water making pulling movements. Afterwards, dry the cord with the Microfiber Towel “Dish Drying”. Let the top cover dry completely before reassembling it with the bottom cover. Put the cover back together by aligning the slot on the top and bottom of the cover. The slot is marked by 2 indentations; apply pressure all around the cover with your hands until you hear a click.
  • It is recommended that you rinse the Extra Chef immediately after each use to guarantee optimal performance when chopping. It will also facilitate cleaning and avoid possible odour formation and staining. o If there are still odours left after washing, e.g. onion or garlic, it is recommended to soak the container and the cover in a warm water solution: 1 tablespoon of dishwashing powder and 1 litre of warm water for one hour. Rinse the product afterwards.
  • For cleaning, the soft cap can be removed from the adaptor ring by pulling it. To assemble it back, place the divided shaft in the hole and pull it from the rear inside of the adaptor ring.

    How to store:


  • To fit all the parts into the container, position the blades axle with the blade protector in the centre of the container, over the pin.
  • Place the funnel inside the container.
  • Then, place the paddle whisk inside the container, with it’s head in upward position.
  • Place the adaptor ring on the Extra Chef container.
  • Finally, make sure that the blades axle is well cantered, and then add the pull cord cover.


Key Features and Benefits:

  • Versatile, quick and easy to use, with curved sharp blades for fast chopping vegetables, herbs and fruits, a paddle whisk for mixing and whisking and a funnel for adding liquids while mixing.
  • The super-fast cutting and blending action reduce the number of pulls – 288 knife cuts in less than 15 seconds.
  • The Extra Chef has a nice total capacity of 1.35L with graduations up to 1.2L.
  • It is highly efficient, operates quietly and complements other very successful Time Savers products using the same pull cord cover.
  • The Extra Chef cover with its integrated handle and whisks is placed on top of the container offering a complete whipping and whisking solution.
More Information
Base Colour Sheer Chilli
Colour Chilli
Dimensions 15,6cm diameter x 19,5cm (H)
Capacity 1.35L


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