Essential Utility Knife (23cm Length X 10cm Blade)


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What is the difference between a flat bevel and a serrated bevel?

  • The flat grind (on chef’s knives, vegetable knives and utility knives) is a stable, durable grind and can be sharpened with the help of the knife mouse.
  • With the serrated edge, small saw teeth are worked into the cutting edge, which make it easier to cut food with a crust or a solid exterior, but a soft core (for bread knives, utility knives with serrated edge).
  • The better the care, the longer the shelf life.
  • Regularly sharpen knives without a serrated edge, if necessary have them sharpened with a serrated edge.
  • Do not cut on stone or metal.
  • Clean and dry by hand immediately after use.
  • Handle and clean the knife with caution as they are extremely sharp.
  • Keep out of reach for children!!


Features and benefits:

  • A high-quality knife for every use, the respective function of which can be easily distinguished by the different colors.
  • With the blade protection, the knives are safely stored in the drawer.
  • The blades are punched from high quality stainless steel.
  • The flexible blades also make it easy to cut thin slices.
  • The ergonomically shaped handles sit comfortably in the hand.

    For the detail:

  • Small, fine work requires small, fine tools. Clean the vegetables carefully, cut something small here and there, or use a paring knife to decorate them best.
  • Do well with the Universal series, you will always do well. Six knives are available as experts in their respective areas of application.
    Differentiate well:
  • The coloured part at the end of the handle means that the knives can be distinguished from one another straight away.
More Information
Base Colour Watermelon
Dimensions 23cm length X 10cm Blade


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