Eezi Speedy 1,25L


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How to Use – the base:

  • Hold the cover ring in one hand and place the round gear measurements that you can use to measure dry and liquid ingredients.
  • The handle helps to stabilize the base and is a must to easily pour out the content of the base.
  • The spout at the base is perfect when you need to transfer a mixture from the base to any other container, baking form or pan.

    How to Use – the cover:

  1. The greatest novelty in the EZ Speedy is the cover—specifically, its ergonomic style and its two-gear system.
  2. To have the best grip and create the most stability, place the palm of your hand on the elevated part of the cover.

    How to Use – gear I:

  • Change to gear I by turning the gear knob towards the indicated I on the cover.
  • Use gear I for airy and light preparations (egg whites, whipped cream, omelettes).
  • In gear I, with one full turn of the handle you get one full turn of the gear disk with whisks.
  • The force needed in gear I is greater compared to gear II.
  • When trying a new recipe, start in gear I. If, at any moment, the resistance is too high, switch to gear II. For some recipes the resistance can be from the beginning, for others it may not come until later.

    How to Use – gear II:

  1. Change to gear II by turning the gear knob towards the indicated II on the cover.
  2. Use gear II for thicker preparations (meringue, cake batter, mayonnaise).
  3. In gear II, you get with one full turn of the handle, 1/3 turn of the gear base with whisks. Compared to gear I, gear II is slower.
  4. The ratio of turns of handle and gear disk with whisks significantly reduced the force needed to mix thick preparations.
  • DO NOT use in the Microwave or Freezer.
  • Use a low-temperature programme on your dishwasher to save energy and protect the environment.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaning pads or abrasive cleaners, as these will scratch the product.
  • Dishwashing at a high temperature, can lead to discolouration of the cover and fading of the print.


Features and Benefits:

  • Handle with knob – The best combination between length of the handle and knob shape for ergonomic working. The click-on handle works in both directions – great for left and right-handed people.
  • Gear knob – change form gear I to II simply by rotating the gear knob. The gears are marked directly under the gear knob.
  • Ergonomic cover – with a higher area to rest your hand.
  • Whisks – 6 whisks for perfect and quick mixing of ingredients.
  • Funnel – let small amounts of liquids trickle into the preparation while mixing. The funnel comes with handy measurements.
  • Mix N Store Base – handle and spout allow for easy pouring of preparations. The measurement indicators come in handy when preparing a recipe. The antiskid ring keeps the product from slipping on the countertop.
More Information
Base Colour Natural
Colour Chilli
Capacity 1.25L


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